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SoundLift – Wild Nature [Inspectrum Recordings]

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SoundLift – Wonderful Feeling

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ARCZI – My Heart Will Go On (Music From Titanic Film-Trance Bootleg Mix)

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It is here. New World’s masterpiece: Ushio.

Destined to be one of the top uplifting tunes of the year, Ushio is orchestral and emotional uplifting trance at its best. With depth and meaning it takes the listener through a journey of nostalgia and reminiscence, of cheerfulness, of apprehensiveness and mystery, of peace and contentment, and of joy.

The Emotional Intro Mix is brighter and lighter, with a faster-paced and more energetic feel. It also has a different breakdown, a different mixdown, a higher energy level, a softer kick, and a more upbeat feel. It includes New World’s two favorite instruments: piano and violin.

The Emotional Intro Mix is also designed to also be mixable and therefore includes 16 bars of mixin after the intro. DJs mixing it with a previous track can simply skip the intro and start there.

Finally we have the Orchestral Mix. This is a beautiful and sweet piece of uplifting symphonic music that will make you smile while giving you a sense of peace. This one is sure to give you chills, and may even bring a tear to your eye.


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SoundLift – Sevan

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Straight from UK comes a talented producer by the alias C-Project that has already showcased his work on our label in form of a remix, now it’s time for you to hear his original production called, Angel Of The South. This track is caressing our souls from the very start with dreamy pads and melodic piano lines. In breakdown the harp and violin are joined as one instrument giving us unprecedented enjoyment. The synths slowly take over, waking us up, transposing our senses to a higher energy level with its powerful dropdown.

The remix comes from the regular appearing Pulsar producer that has already proved himself to our fans. Ilya ViG, takes the original to an even higher level. The beats are heavy, but the breakdown is more classical like, with a focus on ethereal pads that rise with the appearance of electric synths that provide a dropdown perfect for the club audience.


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SoundLift – Bravery (Original Mix)

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