Gouryella – Walhalla (Aerial state’s 2014 remix)

It is here. New World’s masterpiece: Ushio.

Destined to be one of the top uplifting tunes of the year, Ushio is orchestral and emotional uplifting trance at its best. With depth and meaning it takes the listener through a journey of nostalgia and reminiscence, of cheerfulness, of apprehensiveness and mystery, of peace and contentment, and of joy.

The Emotional Intro Mix is brighter and lighter, with a faster-paced and more energetic feel. It also has a different breakdown, a different mixdown, a higher energy level, a softer kick, and a more upbeat feel. It includes New World’s two favorite instruments: piano and violin.

The Emotional Intro Mix is also designed to also be mixable and therefore includes 16 bars of mixin after the intro. DJs mixing it with a previous track can simply skip the intro and start there.

Finally we have the Orchestral Mix. This is a beautiful and sweet piece of uplifting symphonic music that will make you smile while giving you a sense of peace. This one is sure to give you chills, and may even bring a tear to your eye.


Next stop on the global map of Pulsar Recordings releases comes from the Southeast Asia. The capital of Singapore is a home to a talented trance producer by the name Chen Kai Bin whose works you had a chance to hear in a form of couple of remixes he did for our label. Now it’s time to hear what he can do when he’s on his own. His debut single starts banging from the first beat, promising us uplifting journey with its high packed energy. As we approach the breakdown the Ethereal Horizon starts opening up, showing us the glorious synths in full strength that carry us above and beyond. The ride continues on the wings of eternity and doesn’t let go as the horizon keeps widening with every new beat.


The icing on the cake. As Aly & Fila expand their record label with ‘Future Sound of Egypt Excelsior’, finish up yet another FSOE world tour, and drop smash record after smash record, it’s hard to imagine what in the world could be left for the pair. Just shy of 1 million Facebook followers as of this writing, Aly & Fila are about as elite as it gets.

A chance to break free. Their third studio album, ‘The Other Shore’ is the magnum opus of artists who have already reached the other side of their craft. No longer out to prove anything, Aly & Fila are free to create exactly the kind of album that they want. The most striking feature of this record is the sheer musicality of every track. Borrowing instrumentation from different cultures, genres, and even eras, they’ve blended it all in a style that no one on earth could emulate.

Powerful diversity. From Aruna’s jazzy and minimal title track to ‘In My Mind’ (featuring Karim Youssef & May Hassan), the scope of this record is unimaginable. Songs like ‘Altitude Compensation’ will pull at your heart like a long-lost lover, while ‘Never Let Me Go’ (featuring Seri) is an intimate, remarkable tune made possible by inspired and magical vocals. Downtempo ‘Shine’ (with Roxanne Emery) is perfect for the azure Mediterranean shores of Ibiza.

“Perfection is achieved when there’s nothing left to take away.” Very few producers would have the confidence to strip their tracks down to the bare essentials, leaving nothing left to hide. To pull this off, what’s left has to be almost inhumanly perfect – breath for breath, note for note. You couldn’t take away a single sound or a song from this record and have it be the same, and as impossible as it may seem, it’s hard to imagine Aly & Fila going anywhere but up from here.

Aly & Fila – ‘The Other Shore’

Aly & Fila feat. Karim Youssef & May Hassan – In My Mind (03:39)
Aly & Fila – White Wave (04:56)
Aly & Fila with Ferry Tayle – Nubia (04:16)
Aly & Fila with Stoneface & Terminal – Universelab (05:17)
Aly & Fila feat. Seri – Never Let Me Go (03:45)
Aly & Fila with Jaren – For All Time (04:33)
Aly & Fila – Altitude Compensation (05:59)
Aly & Fila – Along The Edge (05:24)
Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah feat. Sylvia Tosun – Eye 2 Eye [FSOE 350 Anthem] (03:46)
Aly & Fila with Aruna – The Other Shore (03:23)
Aly & Fila – Underwater (04:54)
Aly & Fila with SkyPatrol feat. Sue McLaren – Running (05:44)
Aly & Fila vs Sneijder – Full Throttle (03:19)
Aly & Fila feat. Ever Burn – Is It Love? (05:30)
Aly & Fila feat. Roxanne Emery – Shine (04:32)

SoundLift – Sevan

Latest release on Pulsar Recordings comes from Sweden that in recent years had an abundance of talented electronic music producers. One of them is Tuneflux, bringing us an uplifting trance track called Remains. The title is really fitting as the heart of this composition reminds us of the past times. Amazing plucked instruments enhance this feeling even further while the leading synths take over, bringing us into the present moment.

The remix is done by a producer from Singapore, Chen Kai Bin. His take features late night, bell like melodies. But not for long, these night feelings turn into a fireworks when the main leads show up, bringing us closer to the banging dropdown.


Straight from UK comes a talented producer by the alias C-Project that has already showcased his work on our label in form of a remix, now it’s time for you to hear his original production called, Angel Of The South. This track is caressing our souls from the very start with dreamy pads and melodic piano lines. In breakdown the harp and violin are joined as one instrument giving us unprecedented enjoyment. The synths slowly take over, waking us up, transposing our senses to a higher energy level with its powerful dropdown.

The remix comes from the regular appearing Pulsar producer that has already proved himself to our fans. Ilya ViG, takes the original to an even higher level. The beats are heavy, but the breakdown is more classical like, with a focus on ethereal pads that rise with the appearance of electric synths that provide a dropdown perfect for the club audience.