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01. Andreas Mats – Elate (Original Mix) [Perceptive Recordings]
02. Sky Flight & Allen Ma – Journal De Voyage (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars]
03. Dreamy – Triggered (Afternova Remix) [Trance All-Stars]
04. Tycoos Ft. Igor Surazakov – Back To The Past (Emotional Mix) [Synchronized
05. SoundLift – King of My Castle (Original Mix) [Natura Recordings]
06. Farzam – Narnia (Ellez Ria Remix) [Pulsar Recordings]
07. Steve Morley – Forever In My Hearts (Original Mix) [
08. Sensi – No More Magic (Original Mix) [Critical Uprising]
09. Paul van Dyk with Aly & Fila feat. Sue McLaren – Guardian (Original Mix)
10. Danny Oh – Soul Symphony (Libra Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
11. Matt Skyer – Necromancy (Original Mix) [Mental Asylum]
12. Dean Thomas – Intricacy (Ula Remix) [TFB Records]
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It’s here! The first-ever Symphonic Breakdown Year Mix! Based on fans’ votes, it brings together 50 tracks and all the top highlights & memories from the first year of Ori Uplift’s radio podcast Uplifting Only, packing it all in smoothly into just over an hour.

Only symphonic sounds in this groundbreaking, revolutionary “trance” mix: Although all the tracks used for this hour-long mix were uplifting trance tracks, only the breakdowns are utilized; all the trance parts are left out!

It weaves together the breakdowns and intros of 48 top orchestral uplifting trance tracks into one smooth and seamless hour-long symphonic mix. And it is unobtrusively accentuated by added background sounds including subtle thunder, birds, & wind chimes to perfect the symphonic experience.

Predominantly determined by fans’ votes from first UpOnly Tune of the Year poll, it mixes together 50 tracks into just over 1 hour, including 39 of the top 60 tracks with the most votes from the Tune of the Year vote, plus 9 more tracks that finished in the top three in the show’s weekly voting. And after the hour-long mix made purely of trance tracks, there is an bonus orchestral track to provide a wonderful conclusion to the symphonic experience.

Yes, this is the first-ever “trance” mix without a single kick! And orchestral uplifting trance fans will simply smile in wonderment as they experience memory after memory after memory coming back of all those favorite songs of theirs.

Featuring music by all the big names in the orchestral uplifting genre, including SoundLift, Andy Blueman, New World, Afternova, Kelly Andrew, Geert Huinink, Ahmed Romel, Simon O’Shine, Playme, & more. And brilliantly mixed by Ori Uplift and the Abora Recordings sound engineering team.

01. Intro – Orchestral Tuning
02. Nery – Inesquecivel (SoundLift Remix Intro Edit) [Abora]
03. Playme – Peace & Serenity (Original Mix Driftmoon Mixdown) [Abora]
04. SoundLift – Freedom (Original Mix) [Abora Skies]
05. Nery – Sagrada Familia (Intro Mix) [Abora]
06. Alex Shevchenko – Dancing In The Rain (Allen Ma’s Emotional Remix) [Airstorm]
07. tranzLift – Magical Journey (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars]
08. Nery – Sagrada Familia (Illitheas Remix) [Abora]
09. Ahmed Romel – Only For You (Intro Mix) [Blue Soho]
10. Afternova – Serenity (Andy Blueman Remix) [Abora]
11. Pizz@dox – Abracadabra (Original Mix) [Abora]
12. Infite – True Love (New World Remix) [Pulsar]
13. NatLife feat. Arunima – Saawariya (New World Light Remaster) [Trance All-Stars]
14. Etasonic – No Words Can Tell This (Emanuele Congeddu’s Emotional Touch) [Linger]
15. Matt Chowski – Painting Clouds (Original Mix) [Silver Waves]
16. Kelly Andrew – Beyond The Stars (Emotional Mix) [Abora]
17. Ico – Shimmer (Emanuele Congeddu Remix) [AEZ]
18. Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine – Apprehension (Original Mix) [Defcon]
19. Kelly Andrew – The Incursion (Epic Orchestral Trance Mix) [Abora]
20. Ahmed Romel – Concordia (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
21. SoundLift – Horizonte (Andy Blueman Intro Mix) [Abora]
22. Avenger – Orca (New World Intro Mix)
23. Farhad Mahdavi – Take My Hand (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
24. Sound Apparel – Sanctum (Original Mix) [Pulsar]
25. Blue Horizon & Shyprince – Lithium (Original Trance Mix) [Abora]
26. Andy Elliass – Love Is The Answer (New World Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
27. Ikerya Project – Fantasy World (Original Mix) [Abora]
28. The Avengers – Yugen (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
29. SoundLift – Windmill (Original Mix) [Abora]
30. New World – One (Emotional Mix) [Defcon]
31. Geert Huinink & Mike van Fabio – The Kingdom (Original Epic Mix) [Abora]
32. Afternova – Into The Sky (Original Mix) [Abora]
33. tranzLift & Andy Elliass – Gates Of Albion (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars]
34. Playme – The Silver Tree (Epic Mix) [Abora]
35. Simon O’Shine – Your Distant World (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
36. SoundLift – Oriente (Original Mix) [Abora]
37. BluSkay & KeyPlayer feat. Natalie Rose – Summer Rain (Emanuele Congeddu Remix) [AEZ]
38. SoundLift – The Legend (Original Mix) [Abora]
39. Ahmed Romel – Victory (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
40. O.B.M. Notion – Aura (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix) [AEZ]
41. Afternova – Tranquility (Original Mix) [Abora]
42. Ronny K pres. Advanced – Atlantis (Simon O’Shine Remix) [Blue Soho]
43. Ikerya Project – Orion’s Belt (Original Mix) [Abora]
44. New World – Fields of la Tourette (Epic Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
45. BluSkay & KeyPlayer – Nocturne In C# Minor (Original Mix) [AEZ]
46. Matt Bukovski & Andy Elliass & Abys – Cheops (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
47. Pizz@dox – Nemesis (Original Mix) [Abora]
48. Matt Bukovski & Geert Huinink – Fields Of Forever (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
49. Driftmoon & Geert Huinink feat. Kim – Worlds Which Break Us (Orchestral Intro Dub Mix) [Abora]
Bonus Track
50. Geert Huinink & Mike van Fabio – The Kingdom (Geert’s Orchestral Dream) [Abora Skies]

Release Dates:
Beatport (single file): July 2
CD (50 splits/mix cuts): By early August
Available From Stores
Worldwide – 2nd Jul 2014

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Caldera by Raytheon is one of those tracks that leave your whole body shivering once you indulge yourself in this piece of art. When we released this track back in 2012. we could not have imagined the success it will reach. It went on becoming a true classic of Pulsar Recordings, people all across the world loved it to bits, even saying they would like it to be their funeral dirge.

Fast forward to the present moment and we are prolonging the life of this amazing track by releasing a re-mastered version along with remixes by the well-known producers Ahmed Romel, TrancEye & Farzam.

Ahmed Romel‘s remix comes in two versions, the first one includes a haunting vocal line by Laurence Fishburne from the Matrix movie while the second one is the instrumental version. Ahmed introduced new leading synths in this remix that gives Caldera a whole different meaning with those hard kicks and rolling basslines that sit beneath it making this track worth of a listen anytime.

TrancEye is presenting his take under the Electronic Dreams alias. His remix starts with one of the familiar synths from the original arranged to his own liking. It carry us all the way to the breakdown, where you will recognize a lot of the elements from the original that are now upgraded to sound even more impressive!

Farzam decided to shake things a bit and experiment the most with Caldera than his colleagues did. He did keep the essence of the original but incorporated a lot of the new elements. Breakdown feels totally different with those soaring piano lines and ancient vocals followed by the powerful synth that keeps building and building until it drops us high above the clouds rounding it up for a proper re-release of this timeless classic.


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01. Infite – True Love (New World Club Mix) [Pulsar]
02. Vlad Markus – Kinder (Etasonic_Remix) [Trance All-Stars]
03. The Cloudy Day – One Day on the Sea (tranzLift Remix) [Diverted]
04. Greg Downey – Dolphin [Global Code]
05. Darren Porter & Gareth Weston – First Contact (Original Mix) [Aria]
06. Andres Sanchez – Ganymede (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
07. Aerial State – When the Stars Align [CDR]
08. Planet Perfecto & Adam Ellis vs Bryan Kearney – Bullet in the Nettle (Ben Nicky Mashup)
09. E.T Project – Lost in Time (Original Mix) [Silver Wave]
10. Ronny K pres. Advanced – Atlantis (Simon O’Shine Remix) [Blue Soho]
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01. Nery – Sagrada Familia (Intro Mix Edit) [Abora]
02. NatLife feat. Arunima – Saawariya (New World Remix) [Trance All-Stars]
03. Angel Ace – Gate 4 (Hoyaa Remix) [Only One]
04. Leon Beilmann – Winter Rush (Andres Sanchez Remix) [D.MAX]
05. Shaun Greggan – Unconquered (Ian Standerwick Remix) [Silent Shore White]
06. DJ Gard – The Last Sunrise [Trance Nature]
07. Philip Mayer vs Ronald de Foe – Nefertiti (Original Mix) [Songbird]
08. ID – ID
09. Trance Arts & Colin James – Ballistic (Dubless Mix) [Mental Asylum]
10. Quest4Trance – Fire & Ice (Ahmed Romel Remix) [Silent Shore]
11. DJ Gard – The Nightyfly (Airplay Edit) [Trance Nature]
12. Ahmed Romel & Illitheas – Lands of Soho (Philippe El Sisi Remix) [Blue Soho]
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01. Alexandre Bergheau – Colors of Persia [Blue Soho]
02. Illitheas – Forgiven (Original Mix) [Delmar]
03. Full Tilt feat. Katrina Noorbergen – Letting Go (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) [Subculture]
04. Tonny Nesse – Memories (Original Edit) [Future Sound of Egypt]
05. Yanni – Prelude (Cymatics Remix) [CrossAIR]
06. Illitheas pres. Mavi – Neza (Ahmed Romel Remix) [Blue Soho]
07. Simon O’Shine – Your Distant World (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
08. Ahmed Romel – Moon Glow (Farhad Mahdavi Remix) [Blue Soho]
09. Fady & Mina – Kepler 22 (Original Mix) [Future Sound of Egypt]
10. Bowdidge & Taylor – Power Cut (Indecent Noise Remix) [Mental Asylum]
11. Cold Rush – Crash (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix) [Oceanbay]
12. Outer Space – Time is Worth (Araya Remix) [Diverted]
13. Mr. Carefull – Second to None (Ahmed Romel Remix) [Blue Soho]
14. TrancEye – Demonica (Original Mix) [Transfixion Digital]
15. ID – ID [CDR]
16. Ahmed Romel & Illitheas – Lands of Soho (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
17. ID – ID [CDR]
18. Afternova – Serenity (Andy Blueman Remix) [Abora]
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01. Tonny Nesse – Memories (Original Intro Edit)
02. A.R.D.I. & Ren – Infinity (Original Mix)
03. ID – ID
04. Will Atkinson pres. Darkboy – Darker Shades of Black (Angry Man Remix)
05. Mark Eteson & Jon Prior – Dynamic Stability (Aly & Fila Remix)
06. Ahmed Romel – Moon Glow (Farhad Mahdavi Remix)
07. Veselin Tasev – Sant Rafel de sa Creu (Original Eivissa Mix)
08. Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze – Bliksem (Ahmed Romel 2012 Rework)
09. Mike Shiver vs Matias Lehtola – Snooze (Bjorn Akesson Remix)
10. tranzLift – When A Dream Comes True (Ahmed Romel Remix)
11. Simon O’Shine – Your Distant World (Original Mix)
12. Vincent de Moor – Fly Away 2007 (Sean Tyas Remix)
13. ID – ID
14. Trance Arts & Sonic Element – Reformation (Original Mix)
15. Ronny K pres. Advanced – Osiris (Touchstone Remix)
16. Krazy Sandi pres. Osiris – Letter to Christy (Robbie Seed pres. Airsun Remix)
17. ID – ID
18. Armin van Buuren pres. Gaia – Tuvan (Andy Blueman Remix)
19. Jimmy Chou – Stardust Memory (New World Remix)
20. Arctic Moon – Starships Over Alice (Paul Webster Remix)
21. Mike Foyle & ReFeel – Universal Language (Ahmed Romel Remix)
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