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This release presents highlight chillout tracks from three Abora labels: Abora Chillout, Abora Recordings, and Abora Skies, and two bonus tracks to be released on Abora Symphonic in 2015!

Chill Out
New World – Ushio (Orchestral Mix)
Mhammed El Alami & Illitheas & Johannes Fischer – Breath of Life (Orchestral Mix)
Playme – Euphoric Air (Bart Panco Piano Mix)
Laker – Breathing (Magdelayna Remix)
Harmonic Rush – The Girl Next Door (Original Mix)
Anske pres. Aqsua – Aquatic (Original Mix)
Balearia & Johannes Fischer – Derinkuyu (Original Mix)
Balearia & Johannes Fischer – Achaemenid (Original Mix)
Dim Line – Min (Original Mix)
Blue Horizon pres. Nightfall Catcher – Lonely Island (Orchestral Cinematic Mix)
Afternova – One Day (Original Mix)
Sound Tracks
Andrej Komatovic – Playful Spirits of The Forest (Original Mix)

Available From Stores
Beatport – 15th Dec 2014
Everywhere – 29th Dec 2014


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Magdelayna brings us the latest release on Pulsar Recordings, a progressive trance tune that will take its listeners on a calm and relaxing journey.

La Graciosa’ starts off with the steady rise of the bass, followed by the pads – atmospheric and beautiful, they surround the listeners, take over the tune, and move it forward. Like an autumn shower, the melody trickles gently over its surroundings, and gives way to a breakdown that is led by echoing chorals accompanied by orchestral sounds, like the calm after the rain.

Lucas Moor’s remix is a more pumping and energetic version, with a driving bass and a steady melody that moves into the breakdown, followed by a synth that takes over the listeners’ minds and a drop that takes over their bodies.

Adam Lester, on the other hand, delivers a remake with his signature style: a tune even more chilled than the original. His version starts with the sound of tweeting birds and an echoing chorus, leading to a drop of slow and hypnotizing beats, followed by a life-affirming, springtime melody that dances gently with a soothing synth.

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1. Intro – Sample From “The Air I Breathe” Soundtrack
2. Mike Foyle – Shipwrecked (Chill Out Mix)
3. Bernward Koch – Wonderful Glider (Original Version)
4. Sonar – Theremin (Acoustic Mix)
5. Yanni – So Long My Friend (Original Version)
6. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Orchestral Version)
7. V-sag Feat. Alexandra McKay – Feather (Eternal Love Mix)
8. Robert Miles – Children (Orchestral Version)
9. Andy Duguid feat. Julie Thompson – White Sands (Original Version)
10. Thomas Newman – Any Other Name (Original Version)
11. Binary Finary – 1998 (Orchestral Version)
12. Armin Van Buuren – Communication (Orchestral Version)
13. Bernward Koch – Reminiscence Of A Motion Picture (Original Version)
14. The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia (Orchestral Version)
15. Armin Van Buuren feat. Jan Vayne – Serenity (Orchestral Version)
16. Michael Hoppe – The Unforgetting Heart (Original Version)
17. Yanni feat. Chloe – Change (Original Version)
18. Alexander V. Mogilco feat. Elena Gartman – Sun (Original Version)
19. ATB – Trilogy (The Final Chapter)
20. Mike Oldfield – Angelique (Reprise)
21. Outro – Sample from “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” Soundtrack
Download Here
official website: www.mdbmixes.com
forum: www.mdbmixes.ipbfree.com
myspace: www.myspace.com/mdbmixes
radio show: www.di.fm/chillout
Music Radio Ukraine: Kiev (101,5 FM) Dnepropetrovsk (88,5 FM)

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1. Arksun – Contemplation
2. Northern Skyline – Afterglow at Sunset
3. Simonov and Nefedov – Anonymous Star (Eurostyx Ambient Remix)
4. Bombaat – Through the Airstreams (Obscurity Points Mix)
5. Arpegia – Fatal Beauty (Chillout Mix)
6. Magic Island – Paradise (DJ Shah’s Ambient soul Mix)
7. Mesh – Purple Haze (Lancto’s Breakdown remake)
8. Capetown – Pitstop (Ambifter Mix)
9. Lange – Home

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