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2014 has been yet another incredibly successful year for Abora. This mixcompilation captures the top highlights of the whole year, with sublime music by Abora favorites such as New World, SoundLift, Geert Huinink, Driftmoon, Kim, Afternova, Paul Rigel, Mhammed El Alami, Playme, Kelly Andrew, and other top artists.

It was a true breakout year for Abora’s Deputy A&R Manager New World — with his Ushio, Giver of Life, & Indiana being true highlights of 2014 for the uplifting world as a whole, as with Ushio and Giver of Life ranking #1 and #7 out of all uplifting tracks in the Up Only Tune of the Year Vote.

The year also marked the launch of Abora’s vocal orchestral uplifting sublabel Abora Ascend with Abora’s 100th release, Worlds Which Break Us.

Each track in the compilation has its own story of the impact it made on people and its positive influence on listeners’ lives. In fact, some of these are already instant classics that will stand the test of time into the future and continued to be listened to and appreciated.

And all these top tracks have been integrated into one single continuous mix by Ori Uplift, Abora’s CEO & owner, that wraps up all the year’s best into one truly uplifting listening experience. This mix is itself reason enough to pick up this mixcompilation.

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Worldwide – 31st Dec 2014

New World – Ushio (Emotional Intro Mix)
Paul Rigel – The Key of The Universe (Original Mix)
Mhammed El Alami & Illitheas & Johannes Fischer – Breath of Life (Original Mix)
New World – Giver of Life (Original Mix)
Playme – For Love (Energized Edit)
Driftmoon & Geert Huinink feat. Kim – Worlds Which Break Us (Orchestral Mix)
Kelly Andrew – Wonderland (Intro Orchestral Trance Mix)
Geert Huinink & Mike van Fabio – The Kingdom (Original Epic Mix)
Witness45 & Poonyk – Indiana (New World Remix)
Rambacy feat. Danny Claire – New Life (Cold Rush Remix)
SoundLift – Freedom (Afternova Remix)
SoundLift – Flying Higher (Duduk Mix)
Afternova – Together We Are Strong (Intro Mix Edit)
Laker – Breathing (Sunset & Puma Scorz Remix)
Ori Uplift – Abora Recordings – Best of 2014 (Continuous DJ Mix)

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01. BREAKDOWN OF THE WEEK: Paul Surety – Influence [Gent Trance Division]
02. PRE-RELEASE PICK: Playme – For Love (Emotional Mix) [Abora] [WORLD PREMIERE]
03. Sungarden – Cosmic Dreams [Edge EDM] [WORLD PREMIERE]
04. Ziki & Ronny K – From Somewhere [Defcon]
05. Emanuele Congeddu & ARCZI – Taliyah [Blue Soho]
06. Matt Bukovski – Nothing To Fear [WAO138]
07. Mhammed El Alami & illitheas – Horizon [Always Alive]
08. Michael Flint – Divination (Sava Remix) [Beyond the Stars]
09. M.E.D.O. – Burning (Eddie Lung Remix) [Pulsar]
10. Manuel Rocca – Caribe [Levitated]
11. Philler Music – Lost World (4 Seas Remix) [Trancer]
12. Squarz Kamel – Anniversary (Miroslav Vrlik Remix) [Abora]
13. Vlad Gee – One’s Man Hope [Trance All-Stars]
14. FAN FAVORITE: Purple Rays – Tranceformation [Inspectrum]
15. Manuel Rocca – Neblina [Levitated]
16. A.R.D.I. – Kobia (Sunset Remix) [Synchronized]
17. Aftermorning Feat. Blue5even – Sunrise Over Sea (UDM Uplifting Mix) [D.MAX]
18. Allen Watts – Tunnel Vision [Edge EDM]
19. Aicos – Nothern Lights (Sunlight Project Remix) [AEZ]
20. SoundLift – Horizonte [Blue Soho]
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Want the best in orchestral and emotional uplifting trance? This mixcompilation contains 23 tunes that fans voted into the top 3 in the weekly voting for Ori Uplift’s Uplifting Only radio podcast aired on DI.fm and iTunes. It also contains 2 continuous mixes, for a total of 25 tracks. It includes music by New World, Simon O’Shine, Aly & Fila, Playme, SoundLift, Ikerya Project, Emanuele Congeddu, Etasonic, and other shining stars of the uplifting world.

With one exception, none of the 25 tracks have been included in previous Uplifting Only compilations.

The two continuous mixes by Ori Uplift wonderfully bring together the individual tracks into one seamless uplifting experience. In addition, the release contains previously unreleased remasters of New World’s Orca Remix and Playme’s The Silver Tree Epic Mix.

For timed tracklists for the two mixes, visit www.upliftingonly.com or the release page in the www.abora-recordings.com site. Enjoy!

1. SoundLift – Horizonte (Andy Blueman Intro Mix) [Blue Soho]
2. Simon O’Shine – Miss You (Original Mix) [Defcon]
3. Global Influence – Depth of My Dreams (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
4. Emanuele Congeddu & 4Seas – Butterfly Effect (Frank Dattilo Remix) [AEZ]
5. Avenger – Orca (New World Remaster) [Blue Soho]
6. New World – Fields Of La Tourette (Original Mix) [TAR]
7. Type 41 – Destination (Ikerya Project Remix) [SSR]
8. BluSkay & KeyPlayer – Nocturne In C# Minor (Original Mix) [AEZ]
9. Ozo Effy – The Great Journey (Ikerya Project Remix) [Abora]
10. New World – Outreach (Original Mix) [Defcon]
11. Blue Silence – A Whole World Better (The Noble Six Remix) [Defcon]

12. New World – Afterlife (Intro Mix) [Defcon]
13. O.B.M Notion – Peacefulness (Original Mix) [D.MAX]
14. Playme – The Silver Tree (Epic Mix) (Remastered) [TAR]
15. Simon O’Shine & Adam Navel – Marathon (Simon O’Shine Mix) [TAR]
16. Andy Elliass & ARCZI – KY Cygni (Emanuele Congeddu Remix) [AudioResearch]
17. Etasonic – Sentimental Way [Blue Soho]
18. The Avengers – Yugen (Original Mix Edit) [Blue Soho]
19. Farhad Mahdavi – Take My Hand (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
20. Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine – Apprehension (Aly & Fila Mix) [Defcon]
21. Etasonic – Unrealized Dream (Original Mix) [Airstorm]
22. Ikerya Project – Orion’s Belt (Original Mix) [Abora]
23. Nery – Inesquecivel (SoundLift Remix) [Abora]

24. Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 2014: Top-Voted Tunes – Vol. 1 (Continuous DJ Mix Part 1)
25. Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 2014: Top-Voted Tunes – Vol. 1 (Continuous DJ Mix Part 2)

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01. Playme – Euphoric Air (Original Mix Driftmoon Mixdown) [Abora]
02. Defcon Audio – Trailblazer (New World 2014 Remix) [Defcon 100]
03. Mhammed El Alami & illitheas & Johannes Fischer – Breath Of Life [Abora Skies]
04. Shady – Moonrise (Ula Remix) (Edit) [Veritas]
05. Emanuele Congeddu & 4Seas – Butterfly Effect (Outer Space Remix) [AEZ]
06. CJ Arthur – Unforgettable [INOV8]
07. FAN FAVORITE: Aura Qualic – Stratosphere [Only Trance]
08. Laker – Breathing [Abora]
09. BluEye – Pegasus [Gent Trance Division]
10. Paul Todd – XONE [Extrema]
11. C-Systems featuring Hanna Finsen – Leading Destiny (Odonbat Remix) [Unearthed Red]
12. PRE-RELEASE PICK: James Williams – Inspired [Abora]
13. BluSkay – Eden (Farzam Remix) [Beyond the Stars]
14. FAN FAVORITE (#047): Ram & Susana – RAMelia [FSOE]
15. BREAKDOWN OF THE WEEK: Simon O’Shine & Adam Navel – Marathon (Simon O’Shine Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
16. O.B.M Notion – Peacefulness [D.MAX]
17. Ferry Tayle feat. Erica Curran – Rescue Me [Always Alive]
18. Nico Otten feat. Crystal Blakk – Breathe (Six Senses pres. Factor Six Remix) [Redux Digital]
19. Midway – Amazon (Andy Elliass Bootleg) [CDR]
20. 4 Seas – Kassandra [D.MAX]
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01. FAN FAVORITE: Playme – ID [Abora]
02. BREAKDOWN OF THE WEEK: Matt Chowski – One Wish (Farhad Mahdavi Remix) [Diverted]
03. Mosphet – Hope [Trancer]
04. O.B.M Notion – Fatality (Tuomas.L Remix) [Veritas]
05. Ahmed Romel & Tonny Nesse – Alva [Blue Soho]
06. Sunset & Puma Scorz – Solina [TPTM]
07. Andy Elliass – Nargothrond (Mike Van Fabio Remix) [FlyWarp]
08. PRE-RELEASE PICK: Steve Sanders Feat. MK – Sunrise [Beyond the Stars]
09. E.T Project – Northern Lights [Nile Tunes]
10. Aspir – Clouds Float Away [Nile Tunes]
11. Michael Retouch – Eternal Sky (C-Systems Remix) [Unearthed]
12. Mostfa & Mostfa – Sunset On The Beach (Cla6 Remix) [Trance All-Stars]
13. Andrew Rayel & Alexandre Bergheau – We Are Not Afraid Of 138 (Aleksander Lasocki Remix) [CDR]
14. Frank Dattilo – 753 B.C [AEZ]
15. TrancEye – Supermoon (Mike van Fabio Remix) [Entrance]
16. Ascania – In Another Universe (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix) [Beyond the Stars]
17. Rocking J & Pedro del Mar – Krysta (Pedro del Mar & Hoyaa Uplifting Remix) [Magic Island]
18. Philippe El Sisi & Ahmed Romel – Gloria [Blue Soho]
19. Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene 8 (Kenan Teke Remix) [CDR]
20. ID & ID – ID [CDR]
21. Six Senses & Terk Dawn – Dedication [Blue Soho]
22. ReOrder & Six Senses – Dream Your Dreamer [Silent Shore]
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01. Ahmed Romel – Moon Glow (Original Mix) (Edit) [Blue Soho]
02. Ikerya Project – Orion’s Belt (Original Mix) [Abora]
03. Laker – Hurricane (Icone Remix) (Edit) [Crystal Source]
04. Afternova – Tranquility (Original Mix) [Abora]
05. Receptive & New World – ID [CDR]
06. Insid3r – ID [Abora]
07. Nab Brothers – It Isn’t Real (Original Mix) [Silent Shore]
08. Laucco vs Tecnomind – Waterfall (Etasonic Remix) [Linger]
09. Lakes – Stars with Us (Amitacek Remix) [D.MAX]
10. Anddriqui Bianchini – Suburbia (Synthaurion Remix) [b-sonic]
11. M3R-T – B.I.R.T.H. (Simon Moon Remix) (Edit) [Linger]
12. Simon O’Shine – Miss You (Original Mix) [Defcon]
13. Infite – True Love (Sky Flight & Carl Overnet Remix) (Edit) [Pulsar]
14. Craig Steven – Anna (Original Mix) (Edit) [Trance All-Stars]
15. Manuel Rocca feat. Emily Richards – Dream (Dub Mix) [Silent Shore White]
16. tranzLift vs O.B.M Notion – Lightness (Original Mix) (Edit) [Beyond the Stars]
17. Damian Wasse & Manuel Le Saux – Around Heaven (MilamDo Remix) [D.MAX]
18. Andy Blueman – Sea Tides (Original Mix) [Perceptive]
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01. Andy Blueman – Nyctalopia (Original Mix) [Perceptive]
02. ReOrder & Manuel Le Saux – Haste (Original Mix) (UpOnly Edit) [Trancendental]
03. Airzoom & CJ SN – Until Forever (Akku Remix) [Pulsar]
04. Swilow & Diamans – Random (Original Mix) (UpOnly Edit) [Silent Shore]
05. New World – One (Amitacek Remix) [Defcon]
06. Ascania – Worlds Apart (Dub Mix) [free download]
07. Outwalkers – Breath of Love (7 Baltic & BigDJ Remix) [Condura]
08. Johann Dee – Amazing Order (Original Mix) [D.MAX]
09. Proyal – 1001 Nights (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
10. Insid3r – Summerscape (Original Mix) [Abora]
11. M.D.K. – Efrai (Original Mix) [Silent Shore White]
12. Joer van Ray – Lifting Voices (Original Mix) [D.MAX]
13. Odonbat – Ethereal (Kago Pengchi Remix) [Unearthed]
14. Time Axis – Face the World! (Sky Flight Remix) [TFB]
15. Skyer – Calling Your Name (Original Mix) [Unearthed]
16. Alex M.I.F. – Ocean of Memories (Chris Casper Remix) [Nile Tunes]
17. Pizz@dox – Abracadabra (Original Mix) [Abora]
18. Specific Slice – One Summer (Asteroid Belt Remix) [Pulsar]
19. Billy Gillies – Daytona (Original Mix) [Edge EDM]
20. Playme – The Silver Tree (Emotional Mix) (Remastered) [Trance All-Stars]
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