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This release presents highlight chillout tracks from three Abora labels: Abora Chillout, Abora Recordings, and Abora Skies, and two bonus tracks to be released on Abora Symphonic in 2015!

Chill Out
New World – Ushio (Orchestral Mix)
Mhammed El Alami & Illitheas & Johannes Fischer – Breath of Life (Orchestral Mix)
Playme – Euphoric Air (Bart Panco Piano Mix)
Laker – Breathing (Magdelayna Remix)
Harmonic Rush – The Girl Next Door (Original Mix)
Anske pres. Aqsua – Aquatic (Original Mix)
Balearia & Johannes Fischer – Derinkuyu (Original Mix)
Balearia & Johannes Fischer – Achaemenid (Original Mix)
Dim Line – Min (Original Mix)
Blue Horizon pres. Nightfall Catcher – Lonely Island (Orchestral Cinematic Mix)
Afternova – One Day (Original Mix)
Sound Tracks
Andrej Komatovic – Playful Spirits of The Forest (Original Mix)

Available From Stores
Beatport – 15th Dec 2014
Everywhere – 29th Dec 2014


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After his massive success with ASOT Future Favorite-winning Peace and Serenity, the young Swedish star Playme is back with the first remix release off his upcoming album. This masterpiece is called Euphoric Air, and the title perfectly describes the track.

Euphoric Air is a piece that will take you step by step to a magical journey in order to make you smile like never before. A pure orchestral uplifting tune that will take you into a mystical state that you can only dream of. The original version of the track will appear on the album.

Driftmoon, one of the best new faces in the scene, offers the first re-interpretation of the track. Maintaining the original composition, he offers a completely new mixdown, much punchier and clubbier than the original, recombining all of the original’s parts to give a different feel.

Another Abora artist making a strong appearance here is Ikerya Project, who adds his usual clubby touch but also brings outstanding euphoric elements and emotional angelic choirs that will take you to an imaginary dream state.

For such a beautiful creation it was mandatory to make an emotional chillout piano version, and our new artist, Bart Panco, amazingly did a terrific job.

Be ready to be taken to your spiritual place that you have always dreamt to be part of.


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