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Sky Flight returns to Pulsar Recordings delivering an overly emotional and uplifting trance track whose journey lasts for more then ten minutes. Tears Of Life starts with a bright intro, revealing a tiny portion of things to come. Solid beats soon take over and we are off to another world of magical melodies and fairy tales, where the heart of the track causes melancholy, but then it miraculously lifts our spirits high and fills our hearts with joy till the very end.


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BluEye is a new artist on Pulsar Recordings with whom we haven’t met before. His Pulsar debut comes in form of a single, titled ‘Angels & Demons’. This trance tune is sounding promising from the very beginning, sucking you in it’s own word, exhaling with euphoria and positive emotions. The breakdown, or heart of this song as we like to call it can be described in 3 simple worlds: pure, uplifting and emotional. All instruments unite together as one to form one big orchestral trance composition that is sent straight from the heavens. When it comes to ease, the dark mystery takes over, but not for long, as the heavenly sounds return once again and continue shining light on it’s listeners until the very end.

BUY on iTunes: http://bit.ly/AngelsIT
BUY on Beatport: http://bit.ly/AngelsBP
VIP Subscription: http://bit.ly/PulsarVIP
Pulsar Recordings

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Midnight Star – Hidden Desire

The Hidden Desire is a pure uplifting track with an amazing guitar solo break highlighting the whole song with it’s moans and cries of the unspoken emotions. That is until we get to the drop that explodes out of nowhere leaving us covered in dust, wondering what has happened.
Yet that is not the end, while clearing some dust off, the pure trance power gets lifted even more with the live played guitar arp. Yes you heard us, everything is live played. IT’S MENTAL! How the hell he played this arp so fast is beyond us… Any serious musician trying to reproduce this will find himself in a serious trouble..

Thats why this track is a godsend. Being produced with such artistic creativity combined with the live arp madness clearly shows with what kind of a talent we’re dealing here with. Making our milestone even more special and putting a perfect end to this year of Pulsar’s releases.

Pick your favorite store to buy this single:
Beatport: http://bit.ly/sC0Dmw
iTunes: http://bit.ly/v9KUmN
Trackitdown: http://bit.ly/w0CxSq
Juno: http://bit.ly/sDdmO2

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The Russians are back! The 19th release comes from our well known friend Sensi with the songs Hallelujah and Samovar. Hallelujah, will take you on a ride through the unexplored mystery land being backed up by the enchanting vocals, that at some point stop and reveal the monastery boy, our hero of this song! Samovar is the other half of this record, and builds exactly like the first, with beautiful piano lines in the middle, followed by the big synths. Hope you’ll enjoy both of them.

Additional stores where you can buy this EP:
iTunes: http://bit.ly/rN3NvO
Trackitdown: http://bit.ly/vgYiKK
Juno: http://bit.ly/uw1wVX

Original video works by Diestro & Scott Benson.
Synchronized by Nicholas Antony.



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Infite – Winter Kiss (Simon O’Shine Remix)

Great guy, Simon O’Shine is a great guy!

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Secret Garden – Poeme (Cymatics remix)
Another wonderful job on a Non-Trance track…
cheers to Cymatics

More info @ http://www.youtube.com/user/TheCymaticsound

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BDH – Elements (Original Mix)
Is this only electronic music??

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