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Dreamy returns to Pulsar Recordings with a brand new, uplifting and emotional track.

Endless Twilight’ starts off with a driving bass and a hard-pumping kick that set the tune in motion, leading to a rolling synth, and a melodic loop that continuously rises towards a mesmerizing piano piece in the breakdown, taking the listeners on a mental trip into a world of beauty far, far away.
Abruptly, as the melody plays on, the synth drops back in, working towards a heavy uplift that leaves the listeners soaring the skies with this magical track.

The Immersiv remix is a more rhythmic version that puts emphasis on the percussive elements, before a tight and heavy bassline drops in, followed by echoing and atmospheric sounds that set this tune further apart.

Aiera’s take of this tune, on the other hand, is much lighter and more progressive. This version features slow loops that dance around with each other, before they fall in the breakdown, giving way for the piano melody that once again takes the listeners on an emotional journey. This is followed by a soft uplift that, in one instant, turns towards a heavy drop, adding more energy to this track before it slows down once again and drops the listeners off on a calm beat.

BUY on iTunes: http://bit.ly/Zd5iUD
BUY on Beatport: http://bit.ly/XpqlE1
VIP Membership: http://bit.ly/PulsarVIP

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Andy van Kayne returns to Pulsar Recordings, bringing with him a slow and progressive tune that is sure to uplift the listeners.
Bart Panco’s remix is a more energetic version, starting with the traditional rolling bass and pumping kicks, before the synth rushes in and leads to a fast melody that is nevertheless equally as serene as the one in the original mix.
The breakdown in this tune is led by a heavy piano melody and female vocals (stripped out of the dub mix) that move towards a sudden drop, where the initial, calm melody continues to ring.

BUY on Beatport: http://bit.ly/WAY4K6

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New World – Fields of La Tourette (Original Mix)


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Sound Apparel returns to Pulsar Recordings once again, this time bringing two outstanding productions that will make the listeners lose their minds and lose control.

Hope Island’ starts with a classical guitar riff accompanied by low-pitched orchestral instruments that slowly rise and take over. As the music progresses, the track turns into a heavy melody that instantaneously collapses and gives way to the drop of the kicks and synth, all playing with the guitar still ringing in the background. A piano joins the symphony halfway through, taking the lead in the breakdown, singing a melody above a rising and falling synth that has become the signature sound of this phenomenal producer.
The piano piece comes to an end with the return of the orchestral instruments, this time playing a calmer progression, and the entire tune accumulates into a heavy, pumping, uplifting rise that is guaranteed to make the listeners lose all control to this track that can only be called an epic tune.

Soundtrack Vitae’ is a more classical uplifting trance track that starts with a rising bass, leading to a drop and slowly bringing out a piano melody, which in turn loops into the breakdown, where it transitions into a fantastical tune, accompanied by string instruments.
The kicks and synth in the uplift rapidly come out from below, building tension as they move forward and back to the piano melody, before they rise even higher and take the listeners with them to soar the skies

Buy Links:
iTunes: http://bit.ly/VUpaAs
Beatport: http://bit.ly/VUATPG

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Joren Heelsing feat Ren – Heaven On Earth (The Noble Six Remix)

incredible fly…

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New World – Boundless Light (Emotional Mix)
What Emotional Trance is

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M.E.D.O. opens up the new chapter of Pulsar releases for the 2012, with another magical song that brings heaven to your ears in these winter days.
And what better way to start this year then with the future classic of his, that we’re giving away with remixes by Ikerya Project, Max Solar & Next Beat as our new year’s present for all of our beloved fans! And our promo recepients ofcourse, that is you.
Should we write the description for these songs!?
We think the title says it all: Heaven is here when you’re near…


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